Copywriting & Content Marketing Strategy for Coaches & Consultants


You feel like creating content takes too much time.

You fear you are not speaking your ideal client's language.

You are having trouble attracting ideal clients, getting out there and having the exposure your business needs.

You feel like every piece of content needs to be perfect.

You second guess your content because you are afraid of getting crickets, coming off pitchy, or worse having negative comments.

You are overwhelmed with having too many things you “have to do” to get clients.

….Content strategy just isn’t your thing and you know you need to learn how to market yourself through content.

You want to...

>>Increase your revenue stream by creating content that converts

>>Get eyes on your content

>>Learn how to create content efficiently so you can save time

Let's face it. You know that content is the bread and butter of your business. It is time to nail copywriting, content marketing, and strategy!

It is time to create a systematic approach to writing high converting content efficiently so that they can increase their revenue without increasing their workload!

Your knowledge of what content leads to a sale is crucial to your success.

“I post often, but it doesn’t get me clients”

Content doesn’t mean converting content. Even if your content is getting seen and getting engagement it does not mean that it is converting into sales. For instance, if I asked people what they ate for breakfast I would get a lot of engagement, but will I get clients? Probably not.

In the program we do not focus on metrics, amount of followers, or even how many comments you had. We focus on how many LEADS your content is generating, and how many CLIENTS you are able to close. We look at copy as being part of a system rather than a stand alone skill.

“I spent thousands of dollars on delegating my content and it hasn’t gotten me ROI”

When you delegate your content to a VA, you need to already have a strategy in place that they can replicate so that you can see a return on your investment. If not, your VA just like you would be shooting in the dark creating content to create an online presence rather than actually getting seen by your ideal client and creating conversion.

You also need to make sure that your voice is being replicated and that you have a clear branding in your messaging that stands out and connects with your ideal client.

So, before you delegate you need to master this skill! This is why we provide a +1 option in the program so that if and when you decide to delegate your VA can benefit from the material for you.

“I’m tired of convincing people”

You shouldn’t be convincing anyone, your content should. You put so much effort trying to generate leads, but they don’t seem to be going anywhere. It is draining you. You talk to multiple potential clients, yet they aren’t buying. They don’t seem to see the value in your work. Or worse, you can’t seem to find enough potential clients.

In the program we focus on creating visibility around your brand, so your ideal client can find you; prequalifying your clients through your content so that they come to you motivated and ready to take the next step; creating content that makes them feel empowered, addresses their needs, and serves your sales.

“I’m not getting visible”

If you are creating all this amazing content, but no one is seeing it … no one is commenting …. no one is following… here is what you need to know: creating content is not enough to get visible.

With the algorithms ever changing, getting visible is getting harder and harder and this is why it’s important for you to know where you should be posting and what you could be doing to gain more traction. This is also why you get access to the program for lifetime - when you make updates to methodology I not only want you to access to the method update for FREE, but also want you to be able to ask any questions that may come up! I got you!

“I am not talking my ideal client’s language”

One day you are posting about the beautiful dinner you had yesterday, today you are talking about a project you might be working on, then tomorrow you decide you will post your daily workout. Is this content serving you? Is it leading to a sale? Does your ideal client recognize themselves when they land on your page or are they confused by everything you are offering?

Your client needs to recognize themselves in your content. They need to know what you are offering, to who you are offering, and why you are offering it. The institute provides everything you need to narrow down your Ws and make sure you can state them in a way that is clear to your audience and connects with them,

“I am afraid of sounding pitchy”

If you are so afraid to get out there because you don’t want to sound salesly. You don’t want to bother people with your content. You do not want to be stuck in an awkward conversation where you will have to tell someone about why you are amazing at what you do.

One of my clients recently told me that her biggest win since joining the program and what allowed her to make sales fast was that through our system, she realized she was no longer pitching and promoting, but rather connecting and sharing. Writing good copy is what makes the difference between an interaction that feels icky and an interaction in which YOU are not an annoying salesperson, that is trying to someone who doesn’t need your service. You are the coach/consultant that is narrowing down who needs your service and offering a solution to someone who has a need or a problem.

In one month she made the same amount as she made in one entire year!!

"In the month of January, I made the same amount of money as the entire year of 2019!

I’ve been able to increase my price! My content has now purpose and direction. I have been heaving a lot of engagement. My fear and doubts regarding what to post, why and how are now answered. This shift helped me finally make my business profitable - planned and strategized! I feel well supported and confident. Now when things don't work out, I know there's a missing puzzle piece and Mariam is able to help me overcome those blocks.

This is different from other programs as it’s not just support, it’s a step by step strategy." - Heath Coach & Nutritionist

She made 12K within 2 months of joining the Program!!

She was finally to have & apply a concrete strategy!

"Mariam has helped me tremendously! She has incredible skills in writing, social media marketing and understanding human nature. Her specific, goal-oriented strategies to enhance visibility and engage the interest of my audience have already started to make a difference in achieving my business objectives, and given me the confidence to keep going! "

Liz Falco, Career Coach

She Went from No Clients to 5 in a Single Month!!

Mariam is a gem to work with. She helped me set up my list of things to do for next 3 months in just one call. I was struggling to find how I can upscale my business and in one hour we uncovered opportunities to grow my business!

From January 1st to 30th, I went from having no client to having 5 high ticket clients!

- Melina - where to next, Confidence Coach

She Left her 9 to 5 in two weeks!!

I quit my 9 to 5! And, it felt great! As Mariam would saty #9tothrive! ;)

I am so happy to have signed with an influencer for a first photo shoot! My second very heartwarming win is that I am getting second-timer clients!

I got 3 requests this week only from people with whom I did sessions this year! when growth happens, it happens. Another one of my wisn is not very sales related, it was a mental shift:

My vision is more focused on my real objectives and I am now already preparing months ahead never thought I would plan more than 2 weeks in advance!” -Ola Choukeir, photographer

She Matched her 9 to 5 Salary 1 Month after joining!

“This was the best investment I ever made.

In the first month, I made the same amount of money as my typical job, and the second month I made even more.

It was working so well, that I needed more and did some one on one. I was wondering can I afford it? And then, within 24 hours I made more than my money back with you.

I couldn't ask or trust anyone more than I do with her. Her customer service is outstanding.” - Amy Karch, Life & Trauma Coach - (Watch her case study below)

Share your passion with the world! Find focus and equip yourself with everything you need to monetize your content. Join the institute.

You have a plan you want to execute. Under the pile of things you need to accomplish you’ve neglected your content and professional development. You either feel overwhelmed trying to keep with social media, building your mailing list, or knowing the latest marketing techniques. Perhaps, you've even put one or two plans in place, but just keep changing your mind on what you want to share and post. You move in opposite directions trying to find clarity in your path.

Perhaps you’ve even done multiple business coaching sessions and you know exactly what you want to accomplish, you have your business plan set up, but how do you get your amazing message across? How do you move from vision to execution without breaking the bank?

Your content is the bread and butter of your enterprise, for some of you quite literally while for others it is the bridge that allows for the sale. It is essentially in this online world, the storefront that makes people decide if they are going to purchase. Don’t neglect your business vision, by neglecting your content and professional growth. You have talent, an amazing idea, and a message you need to bring across.

Share it. Grow your impact. Grow your sales.

The program is designed to help you find clarity content strategy, marketing, and creation. You will find your focus and have support on your journey. You will know when and how to share your specific pieces of marketing. You will have an abundance of original ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • You will receive the tools you need and guide you through your process of identifying brand voice and tone so you can know what words to use, what punctuation works for your ideal client, and what tone you should be using.
  • You will be able to write engaging pieces that catches your ideal client’s eye and provides high value to them.
  • You will learn to write clear pieces that will make your ideal client recognize themselves and connect with you.
  • You will know where you should be writing, and what time, and how much.

Breakdown of What You Will Receive. *Subject to change we are currently creating the 2.0 version of this program*

You will receive exclusive access to Content to Income System Course (Includes strategy development & how to for all copywriting and content marketing needs needs including captions, direct messaging, lead magnets, and newsletters) - Cohort joining before November 15th 2021 will be able to assist to it's filming live. *This is a one time only opportunity* (Value: $10000)

You will have strategy group strategy calls so you can receive customized advice to make sure your branding strategy is flourishing. You are guaranteed to be able to ask a question every week. (Value: $7,200)

You will have access to Q&A sessions so you can be supported through the course lessons. (Value: $4,800)

BONUS: You will receive monthly content calendar prompts, so you know what to write about every day!

Templates that you can use to write your content!

BONUS: Access to a Facebook group so you can be supported by an amazing group of entrepreneurs.

What is included in the program?

Converting Messaging

  • Mindset: vision & habit creating - setting yourself up for success
  • Speak directly to your ideal client (Niche)
  • Creating your voice
  • Framing your offer
  • Scripting Calls

Gaining visibility

  • Mindset: Dealing with putting yourself out there
  • High converting posts
  • Lead magnets
  • Prequalifying for the sale

Nurturing to the sale

  • Mindset: Fears around posting
  • Generating ideas
  • Free Vs paid content
  • Social media strategy (What, where, when to post)
  • Newsletter
  • Lives
  • Sales Page


  • Mindset: aligning your success with your dreams
  • Facebook group strategy
  • Content for challenge
  • Swipe copy

Watch This Case Study: Amy Karch, Life & Trauma Coach

*This gets emotional*

She replaced her 9 to 5 income in one month!

Melina, Where to Next, has a message for you directly from the Institute!

Do you have tomorrow-syndrome and keep delaying your dreams - your growth?

What is this the point where you are going to be ready to take the next step? Where you will yes, I am ready to invest in me? When you are doing to stop making excuses for your business not taking off?

Start holding yourself accountable for your own growth.

Are you afraid of investing in you?

The bottom line is, if you expect anyone to invest in you, you have to invest in yourself first.

You need to be your very own support system and make sure to be accountable for your growth.

You need to support your own ideas the way you would support your best friends.

Are you worried you just don’t have enough time?

Writing good content and clear messaging is key to freeing up your time and making sales without you getting onto a call or answering messages that lead nowhere. With the Institute, you can schedule your content by focusing a day a week, biweekly, or even a month creating all your content and then freeing up your time so you focus on delivering your service or product – just the way it should be. And if you service content creation this will allow you to take on more satisfied clients that love your turnover rate!

  • Go from overwhelmed to freed up!
  • Go from unfocused to clear and compelling!
  • Go from under-booked and unpaid to overbooked and paid your dream income!
  • Produce content faster than you’ve ever done before!
  • Produce content that gives you the impact and sale you desire!
  • Feel good about your content and engagement with your audience.

Who Am I?

When I became an entrepreneur I turned my passion into a business: writing. I was a copywriter and marketing strategist for corporations, and I was so excited to be able to do what I had always been told I couldn’t do - make a living from writing.

Then something interesting happened; I started missing my 9 to 5. Not the politics or the salary, but being a teacher (yes, I was once a teacher)

As Covid happened, it had and still has consequences on people’s employment and businesses. I started hearing time and again “I know I need a content writer and marketing help - I just don’t have the budget” or “I need help with creating my content - but I don’t want to delegate it,” and so I started consulting on content writing and marketing strategy to serve my fellow solopreneurs.

I merged my two passions together: writing and teaching. Wins are what fuel me. The moment someone gets something, the moment a person reaches their goal - that is why I went into teaching to begin with.

I have never felt so fulfilled in my work. I am on fire! Excited to make my cup of coffee and wake up in the morning, excited to serve, excited to grow and help others grow.

Now I am here to help you get excited to make your morning cup of coffee.

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